Anti Slip Grip Tape, 4" x 33ft Non-Slip Traction Tape Strips with Yellow Reflective Stripe, Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Non-Skid Tape for Stair Treads Steps Ramps

Special Features

Size Available
2 in x 33 ft 4 in x 33 ft
6 in x 33 ft 8 in x 33 ft
10 in x 33 ft 12 in x 33 ft
ColorBlack with Reflective Yellow Strips
Recommended UsesFor slippery or low-light areas.

Product Overview

Anti Slip Grip Tape with Reflective Stripe: Improve safety with our 4″ x 33ft tape, featuring a reflective yellow strip for visibility in low light.

Versatile and essential for homes and workplaces, it safeguards all, from children to pets, on slippery surfaces.

Durable PET Material

Crafted from premium PET, our tape offers robust abrasion resistance and strong adhesion, enduring heavy use and tough conditions.

Easily removable without residue, it’s the convenient choice for a variety of surfaces.

Ideal for Extreme Weather Conditions

Our tape stands up to temperatures from 14ºF to 140ºF, maintaining grip in rain, snow, or any weather.

High Traction for Maximum Safety

Equipped with an 80-grit aluminum oxide pad, our tape ensures superior foot traction for secure footing on stairs, steps, and more.

Easy to Install

  1. Clean and dry the surface.
  2. Peel off the protective film.
  3. Apply the tape to the slippery area.
  4. Press firmly and wait 30 minutes for best adhesion.

Apply our tape to stairs, entryways, and various materials without worrying about damage or imperfections.

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