Forklift Pallet Extension 70 Inch, a Pair of Heavy Duty Steel Fork Extensions for Forklift Truck and Loaders, 4000Lbs Lifting Capacity, 5.28" Width, North Carolina Supplier

Special Features

70" Forklift Pallet Extension
Material‎Heavy- Duty Steel
Size 70” x 5.28” x 1.96”
Loading capacity4000 LBS
Compatibility5"-5.28" width range pallet forks

Imported Features

  • 70″ length and 5.28″ inside width, suitable for pallet forks between 5″ and 5.28″ in width.
  • Easy to extend original fork size for carrying more cargo.

Durable Construction

  • Made from 0.3″ thick high-tensile steel, with a load capacity of up to 4000lbs.
  • Orange coated surface for excellent rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity.

Smart Design for Easy Handling

  • Curved front section with arc-shaped tips for efficient pallet handling.
  • Chain-adjustable latch to secure the size and prevent sliding after lifting.

Easy Installation

  • Can be installed easily by one person without any tools.
  • Simply slide onto your pallet forks and secure with the chain latch.

Wide Applications

  • Ideal for forklift trucks in logistics, warehouses, factories, construction sites, etc.
  • Perfect for unloading bulky or heavy palletized cargo.
  • Designed in North Carolina by 360Tronics.
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